2018 12 Days of Fitness Club Member Giveaway

Every year, the 100 Half Marathons Club offers its club members a giveaway called the 12 Days of Fitness.

Our club partners with amazing fitness, wellness, health and endurance sports product vendors to raffle off to our club members.  We do this as a way to thank our members for their support and to celebrate the holiday season (and the end of the racing year).  This year, we've changed the 12 days to 13.1 days. We have 13 raffle prize days in the month of December, and then a special .1 finishing raffle on New Year's Day sponsored by the club!

Here are our 2018 partners!  Thank you to Bibs2Bags, Happy Puppies Athleticwear, KT Tape, Race Raves, Navitas Organics, Goddess Garden Organics, Drinkzyn, One Brands, Care/of, Simple Hydration, Detach Brands, The New Primal, Win Sports Detergent, and Celsius Drinks for providing us with wonderful raffle prizes for our club members!  Please support these businesses! Thank you!