"Our Walker, Slow Runner and Back of the Packer" Friendly Race Directory

Our club maintains a list of the half marathons that support walkers, slower runners, and back of the packers.  This resource list is kept online for free and is available for anyone to use. 

This race is crowd-sourced by half marathoners reporting events to add to our directory, and by race directors letting us know about their events.

If you'd like to suggest a race, please use the following form.  Also, if you know of a race that is on this list that has changed their policies and no longer has the time limit listed, please let us know here.

Races we are looking for:
  • have a 3:30 time limit or more, and/or offer an early start
  • are timed races that would support someone finishing a half marathon via walking and would give these finishers an official finish time
  • do not shut down aide stations or remove course marshals or volunteers before all participants finish