What's So Different About Our Club?

Sometimes people ask what makes our club so different.  Are we in competition with other clubs? Are we trying to take members away from other groups?

The answer is easy- no, we're not in competition with any other group. 

Some clubs are a great fit for runners or race walkers, and some are not.  Some slower runners and race walkers often feel absolutely intimated and unwelcome in racing clubs that seem to be focused only on speed.  Some people have been made to feel that they have no business being in a half marathon or a road race unless they finish in a certain time.  Others feel "less than" if their favorite distance is not the longest.  Or, others get an outcast feeling for doing too little (or too many) events in a year.

Our goals and values are simple:
Community, kindness, support, and club benefits that give you back much more than you paid for your dues.  

We're not here to compete with any other organizations. We're here to have fun and celebrate our favorite race distance- the half marathon. 

We're here to encourage each other, to share information about races, to provide some of the best race and endurance vendor discounts available, and above all- to have fun and celebrate our racing journeys. 

And, we do it in a drama-free environment. Members will have disagreements, but they so with respect.  We have no tolerance for putting people down for the number of events they do, for their age, their pace, or their finish times. 

We have activities that are different than other groups that make us unique, including offering reunions where our members get free goodie bags for attending; a free public guide to walker/slow runner friendly races; annual voting on what our favorite half marathons are; and more.

We also believe we're one of the most affordable clubs out there.   Between the hundreds of race and vendor discounts we get, and our free finisher's shirt when your 100 lifetime half marathons are completed, we believe our members get back much more than what they pay in dues.

So, check us out!  Chat with our members at a race.  Let us know if you have any questions.